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23 APR

Importance of a Library Management System

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A library is a pool of sources of information. This similar resources had made a well-defined community including readers, students etc to refer or to borrow the book more conveniently. The Library Management System Software for Library Management is used to find books and access journals easily. The library automation system automates the typical procedures of libraries and reduces the workload for library staffs. It makes the consistency of the record and the standard quality. When people value information more and more, the information industry got developed and the technology changed the expectations of library patrons. It gives both an opportunity and challenge to the libraries. The integrated library system is used to manage the more-complex activities and it enables the librarian to manage library resources in a more effective way to save time and effort.

Let's discuss some reasons why your library should use a library management software system?

1. Increase efficiency

A library management system enhances the efficiency of both the librarians and the library users. It also enables librarians to easily catalog books and keep proper records of books issued, reissued, and those not returned. On the other hand, for a library user, they can easily find the availability of any book that they need.

2. Reduces the library management cost

With a library management system, you can easily eliminate the no of employees or staffs and keep different manual files without using papers, thereby reducing the cost. You can also store a lot of data in a single system so that you can reduce the manual files.

3. Saves time

Time is precious for both the librarians and the users. By an integrated library management system, a librarian can easily record and go through the history of individual library users without wasting the time. On the other hand, the library users can easily find the location and the availability of each book faster than before. So, both the librarian and the users can accomplish more with less time.

Library Management Software
4. Increases the productivity of library workers

Library automation will increase the productivity. With the growing ease of doing work, staffs can engage in their activities in the library without the library incurring any additional cost.

5. Enhances reporting and monitoring

Self-updating records with an automated library management system give rise to dynamic reporting and oversight capabilities. This will support efficient bookings, material circulation, and user tracking. Library Management System Software for Library Management allows management of materials within the system so that you can easily know what exactly is available, and what has been borrowed.

The Features and Advantages of Library Management System:

  • Easily manage the complete management of your library through the software's easy interface.
  • Removes manual process of issuing books and simplifies the way of issuing book to save time and effort.
  • The system helps you to find the fine levied by automatically counting days from the date of issue in case of late return of the book.
  • Easy to generate a customized report for library items, library inventory, and library fine collection.

Who all can use a library management system?

  • Private libraries
  • National libraries
  • Modern public library
  • Academic libraries
  • Children's libraries(K–12)
  • Public lending libraries
  • Reference libraries
  • Research libraries
  • Special libraries that includes private businesses and public organizations, including hospitals, churches, museums, research laboratories, law firms, and many government departments and agencies, maintain their own libraries for the use of their employees in doing specialized research related to their work.

You can also extend your library services beyond the physical walls of your library building, by a Smart Library. It offers a tremendous flexibility for those who want to take advantage of library services and a new way for your library to provide and market the resources and services in a way that is consistent with the communications methods being employed by today’s digital device users.

You can amplify your library services beyond the physical walls by a Smart Library. It can target members and non- members in the nearby area, by lure them via SMS with beacon technology and then display a welcome message with digital signage

Checkout Smart Library functionalities

To see how we can help to transform your library for your users with a library management system software and mobile apps for libraries, get in touch with us today.

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