Proximity Mobile Marketing App Solution with Beacon Technology

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Proximity Marketing Solutions using Beacons

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One of the biggest challenges for marketers today is finding the right marketing technology to bring footfalls to their stores. Now the mobile devices are becoming a staple of modern society, this makes a huge number of opportunities for savvy marketers to easily target their consumers.To get customer's attention, every marketer's needs to be able to target the right person, at the right time, and in the right place. This is where proximity comes in, a potential strategy to generate enough traffic. But many marketers are still unsure about the benefits of proximity mobile marketing.

The proximity mobile marketing is a localized wireless distribution of advertisement to the customers already on the location.There are many systems which can actively transmit to cellular phones, but one of the most versatile means of marketing using the physical web is through beacons. To get connect with the customers digitally turn your proximity marketing with beacons-that beam directly to a mobile one within range. The Internet of Things in marketing has been a buzzword over the past few years but what exactly Beacons are and how small businesses can capitalise this?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) "beacons." Also known as "proximity beacons," is an excellent way to push content to your customers, even without an internet connection. Beacons use bluetooth to send information to a device when a customer is in close proximity. Hence beacon technology opens the door to a range of opportunities for “right-time” triggered experiences. The use of beacon-based apps and proximity marketing software can enable all business sectors to target relevant demographics through a real-time. Bluetooth 'beacons' are a simple way of location based marketing for marketers to communicate with customers in physical locations. Here's a quick guide to the use of beacons and how beacons connect successfully with mobile consumers.

Proximity Marketing Beacons in the retail sector has tremendous revenue-producing potential. This provides a valuable new piece of context that retailers have never really had in a technological way before – knowing exactly when a customer is near to the location of a smart retail store or at the shopping malls and deliver hyper-contextual, targeted and personalized content. Beacons can also make restaurants to keep track of their loyal customers and rewarding accordingly and make contactless payments also. The beacon proximity marketing has the power to transform the customer experience, which makes customers to buy a product in real-time, increase brand affinity and drive your sales. In the future beacon may even be used to provide augmented reality experience, that enables customers to try merchandise without entering to a trial room.

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Today smartphones are becoming a foundational banking channel. Beacons can provide the best solution to create a better balance between the digital and offline environment or in-branch services. With the use of Beacons the bank is able to provide additional value to customers while driving more revenue and loyalty, at the same time. The potential use cases of beacons in the Bank Industry include giving notification about the branch is open nearby, sending personalized welcome messages to the customers when they enter branch, enhance them by giving estimation of the waiting time, offer list of available services what they interested in, as well as reminders about scheduled payments or other transaction they might want to do.These proximity marketing via beacons will give banks an invaluable opportunity to stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

Beacon Proximity marketing in museums not only enrich the visitor experience, it also gathers information about their behaviours and actions. When a visitor with bluetooth enabled on their device enter into the museum location send welcome greetings and proximity-triggered messages with relevant information such as photos, information about the artist, descriptions, videos and audio about each collection and alerts for upcoming exhibitions or just to inform visitors about the museum facilities. It also helps managers to understand what galleries, pieces, and offers are the most popular.

The beacon proximity marketing at airports not only allow passengers to receive flight information, nearby stores advertising but also boarding calls, a departure countdown. When a visitor passing duty free shops, the beacon will provide a customised advertisements directly on their smartphones. On this way the airports can generate additional revenue.

As markets are becoming more and more competitive the beacon is the only way to make you stand out from your competitors.Hence beacon proximity marketing app is opening up a whole new world of proximity marketing opportunities for businesses trying to reach their local and loyal customers promptly. The future of proximity mobile marketing relies on location based and personalized campaigns. If your business isn't taking advantage of beacon proximity marketing technology,it's time to start. Contact our Beacon Proximity Marketing Solution Specialist today itself .

Techware Solution is a leading software development company that provides Beacon based apps which helps you to take well informed business decisions by analysing customer intelligence to increase ROI . We provide proven solutions and services that are dedicated to associate creativity in the quest for your growth.

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