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11 DEC

Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience in Shopping Malls

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Technology used in Retail stores

Now mobile and Internet is fast on its way to becoming the biggest single shopping mall in the world. Foot traffic in shopping malls has declined by 57% in the past five years. Because of the information available at fingertips, consumers will first check if it is available in the online apps and use the online shopping. According to a famous US company data collection, the annual online shopping revenues are expected to exceed $370 billion by 2018.

Restaurants, Hospitals as well as leaders in hospitality and entertainment are now adopting new technologies to increase their profitability and improve customer engagement. Mobile apps, Beacon technology and Digital signage has already established its effectiveness in all sectors now.

1. Shopping Mall Mobile apps

Shopping malls and complex are now becoming bigger and bigger, which makes difficult for the shoppers to find the products they need and for the stores to broadcast their store information. Being aware of the growing mobile technology and marketing you can develop a mobile app for your shopping mall. Moreover, mobile app is the best way to understand the behaviour of shoppers at malls to enhance their experience. A shopping mall mobile app also improves the experience of the new visitors of your shopping center or department store. So, this is a best tool to ensure customer traffic and to boost the loyalty. With a mobile app you can,

Shopping Mall App
  • Enhance your mall navigation experience with interactive maps
  • Keep a directory of all stores and restaurants ordered by name and category with information like the location, opening times, phone, website.
  • Publish daily offers and promotions of shops.
  • Share realtime news.
  • Integrate your social networks twitter, Facebook.
  • Show your promotional youtube videos.
  • Make surveys by giving rate and reviews.
  • Send push notifications, the best way to keep your the buyers up to date.
2. Beacon Technology

One of the highly effective and affordable proximity marketing solution for shopping malls is the Beacons. Beacons emit low-energy Bluetooth signals, to sense customer's' whereabouts and to send notifications to their phones. With beacon technology shoppers can easily find where the item they search is. You can gain insights on visitor distribution over various zones within the malls with a beacon. It also highlight the paths taken by shoppers, dwell time at various zones, repeat visit patterns, and much more. Beacon requires very little battery power to broadcast and receive data. A visitor having beacon enabled app get a highly enhanced and interactive commercial environment with a real time personalized messages promotions and informations. Moreover, with beacons, shoppers can be helped when they look for a parking place in a shopping mall. When a shopper enters in a range area, the beacon can trigger a notification for them informing about the number of parking places available. There are some benefits of setting up Beacons in shopping mall-

  • Conveys specific, customized deals to mall shoppers.
  • Helps customers to navigate around the mall.
  • Push notification about Time-Sensitive Offers.
  • Improves shopping experience of customers.
  • Increase visits And Interaction with customers.
  • Increases sales for each shops.
  • Generate loyal customers.
  • Shoppers can Keep track of staff efficiency.
  • Cashless Transaction.
3. Digital Signage

The evolution of digital signage software makes screens more smarter than ever and opens an endless opportunities the shopping malls. A digital signage can move your shopping mall screen into a high impact multimedia advertising, news, information system. By engaging customers with digital signage can make a confidence as well as brand loyalty. This is the best way in creating a unified view of the customer journey both online and offline. With digital signage displays you can dynamically share all the new sale items, food court menus, or large video walls with runway shows to the visitors and shoppers. The interactive wayfinding kiosks is good to provide the simplest directions for every visitor or shoppers throughout the mall.

Digital displays can be used throughout the store for a variety of functions:

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Branding
  • Wayfinding
  • Merchandising
  • Entertainment
  • Information and context provision

So you should always need to keep a new engaging approach to keep shoppers coming back for more. There has never been a better time than now. So take this as the right time to make your customers satisfied with new technologies.

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