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04 DEC

Smart City: For a Connected World

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Do we need a Smart City?

Before answering this question, it is important to understand What a Smart City is and Why we need Smart City?

Cities are having a great impact on the economic and social development of nations. They are the actual platforms where people live, where companies have their business and in which countless services are provided. Today the rate of relocation from a rural area to urban areas is growing across the world. By 2050, around 65-70% of the people will be living in cities. So there should be an emerging need for the cities to get smarter so that it would solve the issues related to the large-scale urbanization. From an illustrative point of view, we can say Smart City is an urban area that incorporates information and communication technologies to enhance the quality and performance of urban services such as energy, smart transportation and utilities in order to reduce resource consumption, wastage and overall costs. IoT is the key to the planning of Smart Cities. IoT is a technology that refers to the connection of devices (other than computers and smartphones) to the Internet. Apart from the user-device relationship, the advanced Internet use would result in developing a device to device relationship.

How IoT make Smart City

The IoT is the gateway to communicate, that ultimately making more intelligent data that is not only actionable but provides large BI, insight, and means for efficient and effective decision making.

Now cities are grappling with new challenges driven by population growth, across the world. The execution and usage of beacon technology enable better reach and connectivity among citizens and will soon become a part of the Smart City.

For General Updates and Announcements

IoT can provide real-time visibility into what is happening in the city for all to make better decisions. Commuters can get the latest updates, also get situational awareness regarding traffic blocks, news updates, event details crisis, accidents etc. So this can be used for day-to-day, planning, and analysis in times of this situational awareness can be used for day-to-day prediction, for planning and what-if analysis, and, in times of crisis, to assist with rapid response to incidents.

For example, if an emergency situation occurs like flood, earthquake etc at the nearby place you can provide the announcements to each one and can give information like which roads have less traffic, which area should be next evacuated and which road should be cleared after this.

IoT Smart City
For Public Transport

The public transportation for the citizens can be improved with IoT enabled system by providing the right updates on timings, routes and estimate fares of all public transportation. Here the beacon technology helps in integrating with mobile wallet and mobile ticketing option.

For example, beacons can analyze the onward and forward movement of vehicles to detect incidents or congestion, and with this you can directly adjust the traffic signals in real time to control the traffic flow, to adjust vehicle speed limits and avoid accidents.

For Promoting Civic Culture and Community Action

Connected cities with IoT can bring together citizens from different strata for a common cause pertaining to the city. It also provides citizens an easy way of communication with authorities, keeps them informed about their civic duties and responsibilities. Beacons can also improve the waste management to increase the efficiency and to reduce the municipal corporation burden.

For example, the trucks for collecting garbage can be notified with where they need to pick up the trash or which area should need additional trash cans in beacon integrated cities. It can also be used to schedule the trucks to collect trash only when they require emptying and to alert citizens about the areas where garbage dumping is not allowed.

For Enhanced Safety and Security Measures

In a big unknown city, it is very difficult for the tourist to find their way. Here a beacon-based navigation app can help them. Beacons can also provide better services to them by providing relevant information to their attractions when they arrive. Security and emergency support with beacon is an important method to ensure the safety and security.

This can be placed either in public spaces or inside the buildings. Also, beacons integrated with the IP cameras can help you to reduce the crime rates in a city. These cameras can give alerts to the person's phone when he/she is in trouble situation and provide backup data to the authorities for an investigation.

For Brand Awareness and Advertising

From small to large businesses operating in a city can use beacons to increase their brand awareness, advertising campaigns that enhance in-store experience etc. This helps them to target audience with the right message at the right place, at the right time and to lead more sales and better brand visibility.

For Data Collection and Analysis

The Smart City requires the optimised utilization of infrastructure assets. IoT in a Smart City can combines service oriented infrastructure, innovation services, and communication infrastructure. The beacon technology can be useful for generating data on different campaigns run in the city and for better interactions with the citizens to make strategic decisions for further improvements.

Each of these works together to make a Smart City even smart. Techware Solution, leading IoT software development company providing all in one smart software solution to enterprises of all sizes, governments and every industry. Contact us to speak with our smart executives to know how we can help you better manage your resources and create places people want to live and work.

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