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Custom Build Beacon Solution for your Business

iOT- Internet Of Things is taking over everything. It has opened the doors to new possibilities where every device can connect, communicate and perform transaction. Now all these things came true by the foundation of some innovative and creative technologies like beacon, iBeacon, BLE (Bluetooth low energy. Techware Solution has made these technologies as an integral part of our solutions to promise a compiled return on investment (ROI) on your business.

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What is beacon and how does it work?

Beacons are small low cost piece of hardware that can be placed anywhere. It uses battery friendly, low energy Bluetooth connections to provide a strong context signal to give your users a better location and proximity experience. Beacon is an endless real-time transmitting technology for marketer’s new insight into the real-life behavior of their consumers. Rather than shopping around online for a better deal, beacons have the potential to offer instant promotions and encourage shoppers to buy on the spot to make retailers more money. Thus beacon help you to communicate with customers, personalize the customer experience, elevate your mobile marketing efforts and drive sales.

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Applications we can build with beacon technology

beacon app for resource tracking

Resource Tracking

With just a few clicks you can easily cover a large warehouse space. We can build Beacon based apps that helps to find resources you need within your location, on web and mobile, to solve asset tracking challenges . Beacons and mobile technology offer not only an affordable asset management system but a scalable, long-term solution.

beacon app for navigation

Effective Navigation

For a large office to shopping malls it is tricky to navigate, beacons can be extremely useful. This Beacon wayfinding technology is used in our apps which allows an effective and precise navigation. Take your wayfinding to the next step by using a fully functioning indoor navigation and mobile wayfinding app with beacon.

beacon app for museum

Interactive Tour

Imagine a galleries, museum, a public spaces or Zoo mobile app. When they are close to selected attractions, the app will give a notification/ image/video with information of what is being looked at. In case of museum if they are in front of an object, the app offers all the information about that piece.

using beacons in education

Education & Classrooms

Our beacon based app offer a solution that can add real world interaction into students and teachers daily classroom experience. Many other possibilities also there to enrich the education and classroom experience such as location based messaging, security badges, attendance tracking, emergency aware, etc.

beacon automation


Our beacon based app offer all types of automation, be it home, commercial or industrial. From your garage door that opens once your car stops by (without pressing any button) to lights that go on and off as you need them to be with smart bluetooth technology and beacons.

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Push-Driven Marketing

We offer proximity marketing by giving the indoor mapping,venue specific content and location based notifications to customers.Customers can receive instant and limited offers as they walk inside the store or pass by a retail shop.Increase in-store sales and develop customer loyalty with beacon technology.

Industries we can work upon with Beacon Technology

  • B2B
  • E-Commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Hospitality
  • IT
  • Politics
  • Real Estate
  • Sports

Our Beacon App

Development Process

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What Techware Solution has done so far ?

We have built an application with the beacon technology called QUICKFOOD, the digital food ordering system that empowers restaurant owners but serves as a great example of what can be developed using Beacon technology.

beacon technology for restaurants

Readymade Restaurant Mobility Solution

Quick Food App is the best solution for digital food ordering system in the restaurant. Using Quick Food App user can easily book their orders without wasting time. One of the best feature of this app is that the order management is done via Estimote beacons.The app can perform multiple tasks, including push notifications to nearby users, delivering special offers to customers, and welcome them with greetings. Thus Quick Food aimed on engaging with both existing customers and new visitors. Infuse beacon technology to streamline food ordering process in your restaurant business.

Perfect Blend of Digital Experience

Beacon proximity Technology make a widespread embrace to transform the customer experience, increase in brand affinity and operational efficiency and to drive sales uplift.