Custom Mobile Food Ordering Apps for Restaurants | Food Order Software System

Online ordering software just built for your Restaurant.

It is time to equip your restaurant business with a mobile ordering app to increase direct sales and to reduce employee cost. Techware Solution helps you to tap your business with an innovative direct mobile food ordering app Order My Food to give your restaurant a competitive edge.

Order My Food makes your potential customers the ability to order food directly from their mobile with plenty of choices.

The Application is also suitable for food and beverage such as fast food chains like hotels, cafes and also for developers who are looking for online food ordering solution for their end clients.

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Custom and Branded App

Get snap of your restaurant from a smart phone. The native mobile app of Order My Food helps you to cater your potential customers. The app makes your customers to find the restaurant around their location, browse online menu, view images, and check out the deals to order online. Thus Oder My Food will guide you to set up your restaurant profile online with many features such as; all orders in one place, easy payment tracking, integrated delivery reports etc. This is fully customized and flexible to add new features based on your requirements.

Filters options to make your search easier
Easily find location with map feature
Add your restaurant branches


  • Beautiful and responsive UI/UX
  • Real time order status
  • Table management
  • Accounting
  • View the list of customer reviews
  • Integrate delivery reports
  • Google based location search
  • View order history
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Easy style customization


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