What Beacon Technology Can Do for the Election Campaign Marketing?

28 AUG

What Beacons can do for Your Election Campaign or Public Political Party Meetings?

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Election Campaign Marketing with Beacon

The Mobile Technology may have been changing politics in myriad ways. According to the Pew report, 68% of smartphone owners now use their phone to follow along with breaking news events. In fact, the new technologies have the power to change the face of politics. So, it's necessary for candidates to keep up to date with new technology or innovative ideas for election campaign otherwise, they will be viewed as outdated and irrelevant.

One important new mobile technology relies on politics called "beacons," opens the doors to new possibilities for candidates for their election marketing ideas. It has been used in retail for about two years and is now opening to advance grip beyond the storefront. The beacon is a tiny Bluetooth device which interacts with smart devices e.g. smartphones in close proximity and exchange information.

Although usage of beacons on election campaign is not in widespread use right now, large political parties are bullish on the concept. In fact, beacons signify a big-ticket chance for campaigns to influence a younger as well as tech savvy viewers.There are mainly three audiences a political campaign can seek to reach or interact with via the Beacon Technology -:

1. The public at large – because in the end it's the public that fills in the ballot papers.

2. Supporters – because in the end it's the public that fills in the ballot papers.

3. The internal audience – because in the end it's the public that fills in the ballot papers.

The use of Beacons has the potential to make a difference in your upcoming vote. Let us see what Beacon Technology can do for the Election campaign.

  • The beacon can send out a link or else SMS text code that directs followers how to make a contribution. Fundraising at resolutions and rallies is nothing different. Whereas this is possibly a way to make it quicker, relaxed and further mobile. The data that comes with a follower opt in is an additional bonus.

One of the study reveals that the messages send to smartphone with beacon technology has 60-80% open rate.

  • One more benefit is that you are able to, on the fly, modify the content that the beacons put out.
  • If you're an applicant campaigning in a low-income area, you can push data about what your strategies are on the issue of poverty. Well along, if you go express to a well-heeled campaigner crowd, you give them a bit different. On the other hand, your digital team wants to be ingenious with the campaign's messaging.
Beacon-based Messages Open Rate
  • The rate of recurrence, timing, and content all must be fine-tuned. You're asking supporters to pick in so you don't need to overdo it with messages inside of the place. Don't just say them to vote for the applicant, give them privately, insider info. Create the messages as sexy as you can since the somebody can opt out at any time. Even though this technology sounds classy, it's already turn out to be quite cheap. That said, developing the app and the content denotes an added expense.

Way to program for a beacon. If not, there are some digital organizations to turn to. If engaged properly, beacons are a smart way However, on your tech team, there's maybe someone who's at least used to with in what to influence supporter engagement and drive the discussion the way you want to drive it.

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